Monday, March 7, 2011

Allaha is a title similar to Elohim whereas Allah is the Name of Arabian ilah

Allah is the Name of Arabian God which the pagan used centuries before the coming of Islam. Hence Allah is not the sacred Name of the universal God.

Abd Allah ibn Abd al-Muttalib (545-570) was the father of Muhammad. He was the son of Shaiba ibn Hashim (`Abd al-Muttalib), and his wife was Aminah bint Wahab both worshipped the gods at Kaabah in Mecca.

The chief god of the Kaabah at the time of Al-Muttalib was called Allah. Abd Allah was named after Allah in honour of the god. Abd Allah means "servant of Allah", "slave of Allah" or "worshipper of Allah".

Allah is the Name for Muslim God as it is written in the Quran which begins with invoking "In the Name of Allah" for 113 chapters out of 114 chapters. The word Allah is evolved and mistranslated to God in the English Quran to misrepresent to the world.

The word "ilah" in Arabic means "God" which is related to Aramaic word "Elah" for the supreme being, God. Al-ilah means "The God" but Allah does not mean "The God" as none of the English Quran has included "The" before the title "God".

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