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Yahu'shua was disputed as the Son of God or as a Prophet?

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Were the multitudes of people arguing about Jesus being God or a Prophet of God ?



In the context of the Hebrews scripture, the Jews are waiting for a person called the Messiah who would be born of a virgin young woman as prophesied by Prophet Isaiah. No Jews have ever questioned the prophethood of Yahushua the Jew, the Son of YHWH God. Most Jews refused to recognise that Yahushua was called the Messiah or the Anointed Saviour for the Jews and the whole world.

Some Jews or Israelites believed in Yahushua and became the apostles of Yahushua; they were 12 of them who were eye-witnesses for Yahushua. Judas Iscariot became the betrayer as prophesied by prophet of old and Master Yahushua but 11 of them were faithful till they were martyred or killed for preaching Yahushua as the Messiah.

The Torah or the law of God requires only 2 or 3 eyewitnesses in order to uphold the truth of the words of Yahushua. The Jews called Yahushua as blasphemer because He claimed that He was One with His Father whom the Jews called Him as YHWH God.

So Yahushua was killed because He claimed that He was the Son of YHWH which literally meant He was one with Elohim on the throne in Heaven. The question is if Yahushua was not Elohim then why YHWH God raised a blasphemer from His death???

To avoid the question, critics merely say Yahushua did not die on the Cross but raised up to God. However this theory breaks the scripture because Yahushua foretold His 12 apostles that He would be betrayed, crucified, died but He would be raised alive on the third day.

If Yahushua is not God then why His 11 apostles continued to preach that Yahushua was the Messiah, the Son of YHWH Elohim??? Ten (10) of the apostles preferred to be martyred for believing that Yahushua was the Messiah, the Son of YHWH God than to renounce their faith in Yahushua as a blasphemer.

To summarise, there are 2 questions for you if you believe that Yahushua was not the Son of God. Yahushua did not claim that He was God because His hearers could mistaken that He claimed that He was the Father God. Yahushua did claim that He was the begotten Son of Elohim.

1) If Yahushua was a blasphemer, then why YHWH God raise Him from His dead???

2) If God raised Yahushua before He was killed on the Cross then it breaks the Scripture of YHWH God in the OT and the words of Yahushua as foretold to His 12 apostles. As no sinner could be raised alive by God then Yahushua who was raised alive must be keeping His words. If not, why God raise a blasphemer to Heaven???

Please bring your 2 eyewitnesses to prove your case for Yahushua.

Thank you.

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