Thursday, March 3, 2011

Muslims need Yah'shua to get into Heaven - Hebrew Passport

Remember 3 things when you want to understand the Holy Bible, read the context, context and context!!!

 God told Abraham to cast out Ishamel and his mother Hagar from his family because Sarah the 1st wife of Abraham was the head over Hagar the Egyptian slave and that God's Everlasting Covenant was established with ISAAC and his seed. God told Abraham: "Hearken unto the voice of Sarah, for In ISAAC your offspring shall be reckoned" -- Genesis 21:12; in the idiom of the Hebrews it refers to the prophetic Son who is called The Messiah - the Anointed One.

The Anointed Yahushua has fulfilled the Everlasting Covenant of prophethood through ISAAC the Son of Abraham who was born by the promise of God. ISAAC was a miraculous son born by Sarah when she was 90 years old and Abraham was 100 years old. Ishmael was an outcast son after Sarah rejected him as her son.

As Ishmael was a son of Sarah by adoption likewise his adoption could be revoked by casting out from the family. Sarah was not the mother of Hagar and she used her rights as Master to request Hagar to sleep with Abraham in order to bear Sarah a son; this was the condition set by Sarah to which Hagar agreed. So when Ishmael was cast out, all rights were severed except the promise of God with Hagar.

 There is no neutral zone which men or women can choose to. Jesus has been given all power and authority to save and judge the world as He is the Son of Man. Jesus will save those who abide in Him on the Day of Judgment.

For those who reject Jesus' love & grace, then Satan has snatched their souls to be reserved for Hell-fire. The Bible says that Satan or the Devil is like a roaring lion seeking for prey every day. If you prefer the lion to eat you up then enjoy yourself as dead meat for the lion. The choice is yours alone. No one is to be blamed when you are eaten by the lion.

Master Jesus has conquered death and paid the price for a passport for you to Paradise. If you reject his passport for you, do not ever think to sneak into His Kingdom. For Muslims, you are holding a fake passport with a forged signatory of an Arab man not from the lineage of ISAAC.

I am holding a genuine Hebrew passport endorsed by over 30 true Prophets from the lineage of ISAAC who was succeeded by  Master Jesus (Yahu'shua) alone.

THINK about it! Do you have the Passport endorsed by all Hebrews prophets from the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and sealed by the Blood of Yahushua (Jesus)???

Muslims, are you sure a Passport endorsed by one Arab man is in good order and valid for the God of the Hebrews??? I rather rest my whole trust in Hebrews propehts from the seed of ISAAC alone.


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