Monday, March 7, 2011

Religion and free will is a gift from God

Religion is a free choice but it must be a wise choice as to trade your soul with false doctrines from Satan will land you in Hell for eternity. It is a wrong choice indeed to be deceived by one man who is not qualified to handle the word of God.

Allah means The God and not The Almighty God. The Devil is The God of this world whereas YHWH God is the Almighty Lord of Heaven and Earth. Satan rules the Earth as opposition to YHWH God. Read the Biblical record for Job who lived likely before Abraham.

Devil came to YHWH God and sought permission to test Job if he was truly faithful to God unconditionally. YHWH God permitted Satan the Devil to test Job. As a result Job lost all his property and children except his wife and his life. Then Job was inflicted with skin disease by Satan, the God of this world and he was terribly in agony.

 Job cursed the night that he was conceived in his mother's womb and the day he was born. Who was the God of this world to inflict pain and suffering, and deception and make men to go astray and follow the doctrines of men?
Allah The God did it and not YHWH The Eternal God.

YHWH means I AM who I AM as there is no greater Name that is suitable for Him; He is the only eternal Elohim of the past, present and future. YHWH Elohim made Archangel Lucifer to worship Him as the only true and eternal Elohim. But pride came into the heart of Lucifer whose beauty is incomparable by the most handsome man or most charming lady on earth.

YHWH God fought with Lucifer who had one-third of angels as his followers. As YHWH God is the Almighty God with Yahu'shua as Chief Commander of the Angelic Hosts, Lucifer lost the war and was cast out of the throne of God, together with one-third of fallen angels which became demons or evil spirits. These evil spirits dominate every town, city and country to rule the world. The Chief Devil is Satan the new name for Lucifer.  Satan was furious with YHWH God and bowed to take revenge by destroying whatever YHWH God has created and whatever is called good.

Hence Satan or iblis has cast the spell of delusion on mankind and bewitched all men and women who do not use the Word of God given by his true prophets from the lineage of ISAAC. Satan will drag all sinners and liars to Hell with him except for those whose sins are cleansed by the Blood of Jesus.

You have been warned of the consequences of falsehood and rejection of Master Jesus. To reject Jesus is to accept Satan as your Master as there are 2 Elohim or Gods in this world: Jesus the true God and Satan the false God.

 There is always a true or correct answer and a false or wrong answer. Truth vs Falsehood, God vs Devil, Good vs Evil. The most difficult task to separate truth from falsehood in the book plagiarized from Hebrew Bible, Christian Bible and the fables of men in Arabia and elsewhere. So the older books which have been accepted as the absolute truth for over 2000 years by the Hebrews and over 600 years by the Christians shall be used as the benchmark based on law of logic.

Anyone who asserts that the Hebrew Bible must prove it by producing the original Hebrew Bible. Likewise for the Christian Bible which is a collection of 66 Books from different prophets, prophetess, apostles and disciples of Yahushua. By misquoting from the Holy Bible to prove a point is an argument already lost as the context of the whole Book is not based on one or two verses.
I repeat the context of the Bible is not based on 1 or 2 verses because YHWH God speaks through different prophets at different times for a period of over 1500 years and not only 22 years!

Secondly the visions from God does not supersede the Law of YHWH given by Prophet Moses and Jesus the Son of God. The book which is totally based on visions can never be admitted by God unless there is another prophet who confirmed the book.

Muhammad came to confirm the Torah and the Gospel of Jesus told in Quran 3:3. So who came to confirm the Quran??? No prophet has confirmed the Quran yet! So how Muslims want to make Quran as authoritative??? Listen no man can make the book authoritative except the book itself. Muslims are in no position to make the Quran authoritative by misquoting from the Hebrew Prophets to lie about the context of their message.

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