Monday, March 7, 2011

Was Muhammad a Prophet? Refer to criterion in Sura 3:81

Muslim @jamool2009 You are void of logic. You bear false witness against the word of the Almighty God. In short, you are a big liar.  I ask you to prove your statement by producing the scripture of the preceding prophets which Muhammad confirmed as truthful and witnessed by another Prophet as required under the law. Surah 3:81 states such law too.

Former Hebrews Prophets like John & Jesus and Barnabas & Paul had complied with the law. How about Muhammad? No prophet is above the law; no lame excuse as last prophet because God never say so.

Whenever there is dispute over the word of God, the law on 2 or 3 witnesses shall be invoked so as to establish the truth. That is the purpose of the law. The principle of the law never changes.

The Court of law also seeks for reliable witnesses before admitting the statement from a single witness as evidence. The word of God shall be subjected to the similar level of test whenever a dispute arises.

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