Monday, March 7, 2011

Why Iblis admitted defeat in 1928 at IOWA USA

Muslim @jamool2009. You cannot compare different versions of the Holy Bible because they are based on different manuscripts. KJV is based on Receptus Textus. RSV is based on what manuscripts? Is there any change in doctrines of Christianity???

@jamool2009  In 1928AD a battle with Iblis or Devil was fought for 23 days at the Church in Iowa USA over the soul of a Christian lady. Iblis who refused to bow down to Adam yet submitted to Jesus based on His words in the Holy Bible. Why Iblis did not claim the Bible is corrupted but you said so. R u more arrogant than Iblis? Google for "1928 exorcism in iowa" for proof.

Why Iblis was stupid to admit defeated and not accused the Christians that the Bible was corrupted and Iblis could refuse to accept the word spoken from the Holy Bible. No Iblis submitted to the truth in the Holy Bible and left the girl in peace.

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