Monday, March 7, 2011

Is Muhammad a true prophet by virtue of Sura 3:81?

Greetings of Peace in the wonderful Name of Jesus (Yahu'shua).

How do you take vision of which Quran claimed to be given as superior than over 30 prophets who wrote in their life- time??? You Muslim, are not only brain dead but already totally dead because of sins. For the wages of sin is death. Satan or Iblis has claimed your soul for Hell and no one can save you except Jesus the Son of God.

Let's THINK about the definition of First-born and Trinity in the context of the Holy Bible.

THINK's principles are as follows:-
T = Truthful
H = Honesty
I = Intelligent
N = Neutrality
K = Knowledgeable

Truth is based on eyewitnesses and not based on visions according to the Torah on 2 or 3 witnesses;

Honesty is the key to uphold the truth. The Bible says the penalty for dishonesty or lies is punishment in Hell fire.

Intelligent is the intellect given by God to comprehend both spiritual and literal things. To understand God, the spiritual man plays the role and not a carnal mind.

Neutrality is an open mind not influenced by biased doctrines of men but to remain neutral at all times. Always let the scripture from the Hebrew books to interpret itself. Do not add words of men into the holy book.

Knowledge is to know the word of God from prophets of Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, David, Solomon, Jesus and other prophets personally and never from one man only called Muhammad because the Torah requires 2 or 3 prophets to confirm His message.

The "Firstborn" son in the context of the Torah is the first male child of the womb of the Hebrew mother and not of a foreign mother. A child of a slave mother is deemed the child of her mistress of which the birthright could be assigned to her or revoked by casting him out.

The master of a son from a slave woman of his wife, can be revoked by outward expression such as casting out or sending away the child from the family.

As Ishmael was the first son of a slave woman, he was called the son of her mother Hagar and not the son of Abraham based on the law of YHWH God.

Once again God has only appointed Isaac and his seed as prophets to the nation of Israel. Ishmael was cast out by Abraham and no longer inheriting anything from Abraham except from God on the promise to make him into a great race but no covenant of prophethood and no land of Israel. The word of God is proven true as we see the nation of Israel is still ruled by the Jews today.

As Ishmael was a Hebrew and an outcast son, he inherited nothing from Abraham except bread and a bottle of water on the day he and his mother Hagar a slave were cast out of the family.

God told Abraham "In ISAAC your seed shall be called" Gen 21:12 and "for Salvation is from the JEWS" (Jn 4:22) said Jesus the Messiah.

From ISAAC to JESUS, all the prophets are from the chosen seed of ISAAC and none from Ishmael. So there is no precedent to qualify Muhammad as a prophet of YHWH God.

 I advise Muslims to obey JESUS whom Muhammad said He was a prophet. But no later Hebrew prophet confirmed Muhammad was a prophet by virtue of "In Isaac your seed shall be called" which God means a single lineage from ISAAC and his seed only.


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